Wedding card display

Last summer I finally got my act together and organized my wedding keepsakes. In my last post I described the books I made to organizer the mad-lib RSVP cards and the mad-lib wedding advice cards from our reception. The same day I did that project I tackled finding a way to display the lovely wedding cards we received. Pinterest to the rescue (seriously, it’s a hobby). After much searching I found a creative idea on the following blogs: Veronika’s Blushing, Modge Podge Rocks, and Something Turquoise.

I consulted with my husband (since he would have to look at this artwork too) and he decided he liked square cut outs over circles or hearts.

Off to Hobby Lobby for the square punch, glue dots, and a canvas. I took me about 30 minutes to do this craft. Deciding on the arrangement of cards took the most time.



I then took the canvas to Hobby Lobby for framing along with our “guest book” thumb print canvas.

I love the result.



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