A box of fresh peaches. Delicious

I am blessed to have a source for fresh peaches each August. My grandparent’s ranch is the family source of fresh fruits all year long. My parents take care of the trees all year long so family and friends can enjoy a variety of fresh fruit.

I come home with one or more boxes of peaches and I have found that small batch freezing is the best way to have peaches for months.

Defrosted peaches are too mushy to eat on their own but are perfect for smoothies and sauces.

Here’s what I do (note this process takes 60-90 minutes but is worth the time):

1. Rinse peaches


2. Gather your materials (paring knife, small bowl for pits, larger bowl for sliced fruit, cutting board, ziplock bags, spoon)


3. Peal and slice peaches. The image below shows how I get small quarters of peaches which is best for smoothies and cooking.


4. I make all my cuts and then the pieces fall away from the pit. Pit goes in small bowl and fruit goes larger bowl.


5. Put ziplock bags in glasses so they stand up by themselves.


6. Fill bags to top of glass. Then remove from glass and add more fruit. The bag will stand up on it’s own due to the fruit already in their bag.


7. Seal the bags getting as much air out as possible. I use two sizes of bags. The smaller size is the perfect portion for a smoothie. The larger is good for sauces and cooking.


8. Stack the bags on a cookie sheet and put it in the freezer for at least 3 hours. I tend to leave it overnight.


9. Remove the frozen bags of peaches from the cookie sheet. Now bags can be stacked in the freezer taking up less space.


With this method I have delicious peaches for months.

I use frozen peaches in:

1. smoothies

2. heat some with peach jam for a quick sauce for pancakes or waffles

3. cook with chicken breast in the crockpot along with some cumin and BBQ sauce for a delicious dinner.



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