I can’t bare these bare walls

My husband and I have lived in our lovely apartment for 4 years now. Slowly, very slowly I am making it a cosy home. I go in fits and starts all based around breaks in school. While school is in session I gather ideas on Pinterest and squirrel away funds. During school breaks there is a flurry of activity as I buy or make items to decorate our home.

Today is December 31, 2016. Therefore I am on a break from school. Ergo I am crafting up a storm around here. Yesterday I went shopping and gathered my supplies. Today I made decorations for the huge, I mean HUGE, bear wall in our bedroom. I have stared at that wall for 4 years. A tapestry or mural would work well but I won’t throw down that kind of money for a rental apartment wall. Last week I finally found the perfect solution. Pinterest saves the day again!

Using the instructions on BHG Style Spotters I finally found a cheap and easy solution to brightening our room.

I modified slightly since I don’t have the right type of staple gun and the foam core I bought was too thin for staple gun staples. I called one of my crafting gurus, Vanessa, and kicked around alternatives. I finally settled on glue dots and tacky glue. Worked just fine. I also used picture hanger Command strips instead of putting more “illegal” holes in the walls.

It took me less than an hour to make three panels. I even have left over fabric that I’m thinking of using to make two more for over our bed.


1. The HUGE boring wall.


2. Attached Command strips to foam board. Follow the package directions.



3. I used a laser level to make sure they were straight and a 5×7 card to space them evenly.



4. TADA! color on the wall.


5. Unimpressed cat on bed for a different angle.


Major improvement and it cost me a total of $40.00 at Hobby Lobby.


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