Here we go

Wow! I finally joined the rest of the planet and started a blog. I have told friends and family for 18 months, “I want to start a blog.” The response has been a unanimous, “Go for it. What will you call it?” And that’s the point where my plan would come to a screeching halt.

What do I call a blog about random things? “Random things” – already being used. “Stuff I think about” – taken. “Eat, read, teach” – too similar to another blog. Month after month I said I would start a blog but I was intimidated by all the clever and witty titles out there. Even while doing my favorite hobby, Pinteresting (it’s a legitimate hobby) I would admire all the creative blog names.

Then December 2016 rolled around and I told myself, “You are starting your blog before the end of the year! No excuses!” No clever or witty title suddenly appeared so I went with the one I’ve been kicking around since this summer – Mangrum Musings. I ran it by a very sophisticated friend of mine and she said, “I like the alliteration.” (She’s so sophisticated she knew it was alliteration and she’s not an English major – mega classy).

I hemmed and hawed a few more weeks and then today I just went for it. Really there was no other choice. It’s December 31, 2016. I am clearly the poster child of procrastination.

So here is my blog about different little ideas I think might be helpful to someone else. No clear focus (going against all the advice books about starting a blog- yup, I read advice books). No clear schedule (most bloggers post 3 times a week – I don’t have time or enough ideas for that). Mainly I plan to blog about books, food, home, and teaching. That’s my life.

Thank you to all my friends and family who read this entire entry since you are the only one’s who would take the time to read this. You rock!



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